Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Live Blogging High Risk

Live blogging the severe weather today - feel free to contribute and I'll approve your posts.


I'm skeptical of the squall line for WI and IL but looks to get better organized as it moves east. Looks mostly multi-cellular and even discrete for IA, WI and IL. Anyone else agree with this assessment?

Local media has been tossing around "derecho" very loosely which is not helping the cause....


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recap of June 4, 2013: Southeast Colorado

I was at it again yesterday, this time in southeast Colorado. I started off in Limon around 4pm and was waiting for the Palmer Ridge convection to move east and encounter the juicy air. It didn't take long for a few of the cells to form strong updrafts with some light hail.

One of the cells began to consolidate before crossing CO71 and soon after crossing that road, it prompted a tornado warning. Even though I was blocked off by the precipitation shield, that was the one for me. I raced ahead to Kit Carson and then south to Eads and watched it continuously veer to the "right", always a good thing. Even though there tornado reports during the time I was watching it, I didn't see anything touchdown. That was also confirmed by other chasers. The closest it came is probably around 6:00 into the video where there's a funnel visible.

I'm pretty sure that tornado storm report, on SPC, from Sheridan Lake at 01:35Z was actually all the dust I was filming in the end of the video.

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