Thursday, May 16, 2013

Upslope machine to get cranking?

Fellow chasers & weather enthusiasts, Mo Nature has given the southern Plains the shaft this spring, with a general lack of tornadoes and severe storm events. Those areas will likely have to wait 'til next year for a renewed hope of crazy weather since the jet stream is quickly weakening, and moving northwards following the sun. But, now is the time that the areas by the front range start to see increasing chances of severe storms as the dryline provides an almost daily convergence line that lights up given even modest upper-level forcing. The last few days have seen diurnal bouts of convection driven high-elevation heating over the Great Basin. Starting in the high plateaus weak to moderate strength t-storms fired as the heating of the afternoon broke the cap. However, things get a bit more interesting as a large-scale upper-level trough progresses east. Myself and fellow UW alumnus Steve Jaye may be heading out Saturday. The following shows my current thoughts:

The tentative target is Sterling, CO. More updates soon hopefully...


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